Uses & Applications

Agrimist offers a great selection of innovative cattle and vineyard sprayers, perfect for accommodating all farming and agricultural needs across the country.

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At the Ranch

Protect your cattle from insect pests or keep them cool during hot temperatures using our innovative and effective mist sprayers. Frequent pest control applications will greatly reduce health risks and harassment associated with disease-carrying flies and mosquitoes. The equipment is perfect for spraying animals directly or near their feeding areas, pens, barns, or other areas where pests can be a problem. We have many sizes and types of tank, fan, and pump to best suit your preferred application method. Speak with the AgriMist team today to discover the perfect sprayer for you.

In the Vineyard

Agricultural mist sprayers from AgriMist provide the perfect solution for farmers looking to fertilize and feed their vineyards. Our innovative equipment also makes it fast and easy for property owners to eliminate existing insect pest populations that may have taken up residence in the vineyard. The swirling turbulent, chemical-injected air stream provides complete coverage even in the thickest of crop canopies. You can also reduce costs by spraying less chemical and increasing your coverage simultaneously. Our equipment is ideal for liquid concentrate or wettable powder. The 5-nozzle and 10-nozzle volutes are generally used for vineyards. Contact the AgriMist team to select the perfect sprayer for you.

Controlling Mosquito Populations

AgriMist sprayers and blowers are the perfect tool for significantly reducing the mosquito population across your property. Mosquitoes can make work in the field difficult, and they can transmit serious diseases to people and animals. Prevent the pests from ruining your season with our innovative equipment, perfect for eliminating mosquitoes in any stage of their life cycle. Our agricultural sprayers can target their breeding grounds to prevent them from infesting your property. This equipment can also be used for fast and effective larvicide (destroying mosquito larvae) and adulticide (destroying fully grown adult mosquitoes).